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Company introduction

    Xuzhou huaihai fire group co., LTD. Was established in1964Years,Group is located in xuzhou city, jiangsu province Jin Shanqiao jinqiao road economic and technological development zone development zone21Number,Group covers an area of about500m,Building area of16Wan㎡,Society of fire extinguishing rescue products in jiangsu province branch, vice President of units、Xuzhou city fire protection association launched units,Is the ministry of public security fire department the earliest point and one of the first batch of fire control products production license shall be issued for the enterprise,Via changing group、Acquisition、Integration,Enterprise scale is growing,Has become by single fire equipment co., LTD by xuzhou huaihai fire equipment co., LTD、Xuzhou huaihai fire control technology co., LTD、Xuzhou double chi fire equipment co., LTD、Xuzhou new huai fire equipment co., LTD、Xuzhou sussing out fire engineering co., LTD、Xuzhou tianyu fire-fighting equipment manufacturing co., LTD、Xuzhou au fai storage and transportation co., LTD、Xuzhou DE heng handicraft co., LTD、Xuzhou heng of fire equipment sales company,Fire equipment manufacturing、Fire engineering installation、Fire fighting equipment manufacturing、Fire control products maintenance、Automatic fire control facilities maintenance、A conductor, not of metal、Warehousing logistics、Automobile drive shaft、Metal steel pipe manufacturing as a whole,Has a modern production plant、Production equipment,Advanced office facilities,Strict production process,Perfect quality management system,Complete testing means,Ensure that the product has reached the advanced、Stability、And a reliable technology level The quality of the flow。 Group products in the domestic routine inspection and various kinds of sampling all qualified。


    Huaihai fire control group complete qualification certificate   The existing staff600More than one,Various professional and technical personnel60People,All kinds of professional production、Test automation equipment500Taiwan,Companies leading products for“Huai hai”Fire extinguishers、Bolt、Box、Hanging extinguishing equipment、On-board fire extinguishers、Household fire extinguisher, etc,Have the production of portable and cart type dry powder fire extinguishers、Portable and type carbon dioxide fire extinguisher cart、Portable type and trolley type water-based fire extinguishers、Portable and clean gas fire extinguisher cart、Suspension type automatic extinguishing equipment、Indoor(Outside)Fire hydrant water pump adapter and various specifications、Fire hydrant boxes、Fire extinguisher box、Fire fighting equipment nine series product type approval certificate。And fire engineering level installation qualification,External to undertake fire protection engineering。 Huai hai group in the production of various types of fire extinguisher about products500Wan(Taiwan),Annual sales revenue4One hundred million yuan。


   Huaihai fire fighting group, research and development strength   Company with”Science and technology as the guide,To benefit as the center“The enterprise concept,According to do big business、Small accounting unit management method,Adhere to science and technology as the first productive force,Spend a lot of money for new product development,And independently developed the clean gas fire extinguisher series products、Automatic fire extinguishing device and a series of fire control products。Independent production fire accessories、Fire extinguishing Agents such as auxiliary materials,Under the strict quality control,Strengthen the cost assessment,To ensure the quality of products at the same time,To provide customers with high quality、Low price of high quality products。 Huai hai group product sales system sound    Huai hai products sales network all over the country,With offices in many provinces and cities、After-sales maintenance department such as sales branch company,Products to the national and at the same time are exported to Russia、Israel、Germany and other countries。 Huai hai group”Service“For the life    Group heavily to introduce talents,Training employees,Committed to the service concept penetration in each link,Everywhere to provide customers with value service,Requirements to potential demand and service personnel to customers will convenient appropriate response in a timely manner、Creative to customer satisfaction,Let the customer enjoy unique huaihai service culture,Pre-sale to customers、Sale、After-sale one-stop quality service。


    Huai hai group will continue to progress  Through the groupISO9001-2000Quality management system certification,Set up a set of practical、Perfect、Value added、Continuous improvement of enterprise quality management system。The company for ten consecutive years won the contract and keep credibility of enterprises,And for two consecutive years was named products in jiangsu province。2012The fire rating industry ten big brands,Director ChangSunChun the city was rated as outstanding members,And get the province May 1 labor medal。 The group continues to invest in new product development,Strengthen fire protection industry,Build fire industry enterprises in China,Penetration and rely on to other areas,The group was expanding further。 Let the huaihai fire control products become the bane of fire forever! Every journey,Begins with a single step,Passing by50Years of experience,With excellent team and integrity-based business philosophy,With excellent product quality to win the broad market space,Looking back the past,Like a rock,The steel roses,Today we made a little achievement is the social from all walks of life to our love,We can do is to do business,Committed、Tirelessly to give back to society,Serve the motherland,We regard the product quality is enterprise's life,To make our products can fire the bane of dedication own light and heat!

 Our slogan:To build a Flow of fire protection enterprise!Make products that meet the national standards,Huai hai products,Springtime delights refinement!

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